Friday, November 7, 2014

Where is the Money?

As noted in our previous post, the financal situation of the S.League is greatly linked to the FAS. We raised questions about the financial health and sustainability of the league. And here's some additional insights from a little-known commentator of Singapore football.

If fundings had been diverted to the three remaining COEs, perhaps the league could clear up the doubts. And if there are plans to increase the funding for individual clubs, perhaps its time to clear that up too. Or had the money been used to fund FAS's pet projects? After all, trips to Turkey and Austria do not come cheap!

We however, stand by our opinion that clubs must stop operating as societies for the nonexistent community, and start operating as businesses. If the league cannot survive under such an environment, maybe we should question if Singapore really need a league of its own. Watching the league being "revamped" year after year is simply painful.