Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bury the Negative, Lose the Positives

We wondered what happened at the brainstorming session leading up to the disastrous S.League Awards Night of 2014. We allow our imagination to wander a little.

Unnamed Boss: Ok guys! What do you guys think of having pole dancing at the awards night?

Everyone else: Great idea boss! Surely this time the audience will be entertained! Nobody will be leaving for the toilets this time!

Unnamed Boss: Great! If it works in the army, it will work here!

Everyone else: Of course boss! You are right!

Of course the above conversation did not took place (We hope!). But you do wonder what the thought process leading up to the inclusion of pole-dancing for entertainment was like.

So here's the question of the day! What if bad ideas had been allowed to run rampage, because there are no opposing voice(s) in the team? What if everyone behave like one big happy and delusional family. What if nobody dares to speak up against the elders (In this case, the upper management)? What if external criticism are dismissed as 'noise' and ignored?

Let's take a peek into the mind of someone who works closely with the FAS and S.League. We are once again replacing the profile photos and blurring out the names.

Without evidences from within the FAS and the S.League think tanks themselves, we are only able to make a brief analysis. Judging from these social media rantings, we ask, is the practice of burying the negative widespread within league management? Is the FAS above criticism? And why is the FAS so afraid of opposing forces?

But opposing forces are natural and an important part of the World. In motion, opposing forces in the form of friction helps control motion. In space, where there is no opposing force, spacecrafts have to create their own 'friction' to stop, change course, and move on.

Newton's first law dictates that "an object continues in a state of rest, or in a state of motion at a constant speed along a straight line, unless compelled to change that state by a net force." How long has the S.League been moving without control. And as an object which has for so long focused on what they perceived as positive and buried the negative, how long have they been going off course?

The purpose of critical media coverage and negative voices is simple. To question ideas (good or bad), and to keep the organisation on track. Blanket ignorance of opposing voices will only result in pole-dancing at awards night.