Friday, November 14, 2014

I learnt alot from my senior players - Anonymous Letter

This letter was sent to us by an anonymous S.League player who wishes to share with us his own personal experience learning from senior players. Once again, because we hate to edit things (dilutes the writer's intended message), we present to you this letter, unedited in its original form. Thank you Anonymous Player for sharing this inside perspective with us!
Almost a decade ago, I was given the opportunity to work with the most prestigious club in Singapore. Working with alot of senior players who are way older than me, really fazed me.

Working with Noor Ali, Shahril Jantan, Alexandra Duric, Razif Mahmud, Therdsak Chaiman, Ahmad Latiff, Aidil Shahrin are just some of the very senior players that was in that team. There was also uprising players in the national that was in the current squad - Hafiz Osman, Razaleigh Khalik, Mustaqim Manzur...

On the pitch, I received many pointers from all the players because of their vast experience in this field. They will shout at me but I know their intention, to groom me and make me a better player.

Off the field, I was also never told off but I have seen boys of my age getting the stick from the senior players. Things like not carrying the cooler, ball bag and the physio bag when we go for away game. We were also learnt how to respect our senior players. The team is like a family and they are like our elder brothers, guiding us along the way.

The reason they do all this is because they faced the exact same thing when they were growing up in this industry. It is like a tradition to make the younger players respect the senior players. The respect that they earn throughout the years for giving back to local football scene.

Nowadays, it is very different. Senior players are not respected enough. When we go for away games, younger players don't carry out duties and they complain at the slightest reprimandation they receive. During games, when the senior players tell them off, they would argue back with something to say.

Senior players plays a really huge part in Singapore. It is like they are the head of the family just after the coach. They ensure that the team is in harmony and try solve it within the changing room. How can a family without a tradition do well?

This ruling will not only make alot of people out job. It also make Singapore football lose its tradition. A tradition that has groomed players like Noh Alam Shah, Shahdan Sulaiman, Indra Shahdan Daud, Noh Rahman to name a few. A dying art that will soon be extinct.

Till today, I have always remembered what my seniors taught me. The values I learnt is also useful in outside life. I am thankful for what my seniors have taught me throughout my football career.

Anonymous Player