Friday, November 7, 2014

Nobody is Bigger than the Club. The Chairman is the Club.

This is a story common among fans of Singapore football. Tell your friends you support local football and watches the S.League, and more often than not, you will be ridiculed.

Now imagine you are a supporter of Tanjong Pagar. From the height of a 6th place finish in 2013, you find your team lingering near the bottom, and yet your support did not wavered. You continued to tell people with pride, "yes! I support the Jaguars, and I love local football!" You tried ways and means to influence your friends to join you. You know there is gold among the glitter, and you wish more people will see what you saw. Sure, this is the 40th anniversary of Tanjong Pagar United, and a trophy would be nice. But fought the team did, and for that you are grateful. You made plans for next season. The 20th season of the S.League. next year will be the year of the Jaguars, you told yourself.

And then someone pulled the carpet from underneath your feet. Without a hint, without any warning. "Sit out!" proclaimed the chairman of the club. Your plans are shattered. Jobs been lost. You felt betrayed. You felt anger. And the least the chairman could do is apologise. But not a word. Not a single sorry, to the staff, to the players, to the fans. After all, as Lim Chin said, "Nobody is bigger than the Club. The chairman is the club."

Colonel Sanders would have done a better job.