Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Collection of George Quek's Finest Moment

Jose Raymond dug up a few more letters from George Quek. We decided to share the links here.

Will our Cubs roar? Only Time will Tell

It seems that he might not have caught up with recent developments. Otherwise, why would he suggest that there is a need to install a proper youth development structure? Is he unaware that the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) runs three Junior Centres of Excellence (COE) - the target is eight by 2015 - and has mandated that all S-League clubs run COE programmes for the Under-14s up to U-18s?

FAS will learn from French, now to sell its products here

While I am excited about the advantages of the MOU, I am most heartened that the FAS acknowledges that there is much room for improvement in various aspects and is taking steps by inking MOUs with the likes of Japan and France.

Foreign interest in our players augurs well for Singapore football

The fact that our coaches and players, ranging from emerging stars such as Fandi Ahmad's sons and seasoned professionals like Baihakki Khaizan, are wanted by foreign clubs would reasonably suggest that the Football Association of Singapore has played a pivotal role in their development.